Yuktix GidaBits® Irrigation

Yuktix GidaBits® irrigation system provides the right amount of water to crops for better growth and quality. The amount of water is calculated using Evapotranspiration, soil moisture, soil texture, crop data and future rain forecasts. Water is also a precious resource and Irrigation consumes more than 75% of the groundwater in India. Water intensive crops can benefit from a smart irrigation system that calculates the actual water requirement and alerts when irrigation should be stopped.

Yuktix irrigation device in a cotton field in kadapa, andhra pradesh

The problem with irrigation can be both less water and more water. Over irrigation can lead to saturated root zones hindering plant growth. Under irrigation can cause reduced aeration, nutrient uptake and crop yield. Any plant water stress leads to slow growth and low productivity. We need to calculate the actual water requirements of the crop based on stage, soil and ambient conditions.

Irrigation with Yuktix GidaBits® can,

  • Helps root respiration and young root development
  • improve beneficial microbe population
  • Balanced nutrient absorption
  • Best flowering, pollination and ovary development
  • Suppress soil-borne diseases
  • Control fruit discoloration and cracking
  • Increase quality of the produce

Yuktix smart irrigation system calculates the evapotranspiration based on solar radiation, wind speed, temperature, humidity and altitude. The system then factors in the crop stage, soil type and irrigation parameters to arrive at the actual water requirement in liters. The grower can install the Yuktix GidaBits® nodes with soil moisture sensors to monitor the moisture at various depths. Each GidaBits® node can support up-to 3 soil moisture sensors with the option of soil temperature on one channel.

Smart irrigation ensures that plants get the right amount of water while preventing any wastage. The farmers get alerts when the field capacity or the wilting point thresholds are crossed. Rain forecasts are factored in to arrive at recommendations. The grower can enter crop, stage, cropping pattern and irrigation parameters using the GidaBits® app. One Yuktix AWS installation can provide water requirements for many farmers. For accurate farm level monitoring, growers can opt for the GidaBits® soil moisture nodes.


Daily water calculations

Receive AET and crop based daily water recommendations that factors in your irrigation parameters, stage and farm conditions.

Irrigation calendar

Receive irrigation calendar on the GidaBits® app together with water & soil expert advice for your crop.

Rain forecasts

Rain forecasts are factored in for daily water recommendations. Receive rain forecast alerts on the go.


Receive alerts when soil moisture crosses field capacity or wilting point so irrigation can be started or stopped at the right times.

Soil moisture trends

Receive accurate soil moisture trends to gauge irrigation effectiveness and the real conditions at various depths.

Irrigation Controller

Use an RS485 port to connect an irrigation controller


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Case Studies

Irrigation planner for multinational seed company

A multinational company wanted to organize an irrigation calendar for their contract farmers based on scientific input. Yuktix GidaBits provided soil volumetric water content (VWC), soil temperature and crop stage based irrigation and fertigation schedules to boost crop yield.

Fix water scarcity in rest period for Grape growers

Farmers faced scarcity of water during the rest period of the crop as more amount of water was irrigated during the flowering and fruiting stage. Water scarcity in rest period led to water stress in the vine resulting in poor yield. Yuktix GidaBits enabled the farmer to save the borewell water for two extra months.

Sensor Specifications



Resolution is +/- 0.04 (min) to max +/- 0.01.
Typical accuracy is +/- 0.3 (maximal is +/- 1.5).
Repeatability is (+/-) 0.1 Celsius.
Operating Range -40 to 123 Celsius.
Long term drift is < 0.04 Celsius/year.

Soil Moisture and Temperature

Dielectric permittivity 1-80
can be calibrated for mineral soil, Potting soil, Rock wool and perlite
Temperature -40 to 50C with resolution 0.1C
50-110C with resolution 0.5C
Accuracy: +/- 1 from 1-40, +/- 15% from 40-80
dielectric permittivity : 0.1 from 1-20, < 0.75 from 20-80
temperature: 0.1C